"Black Noise" 2003 Mercury Marauder

  So let me tell you a little about why a Marauder, my first car was a '96 Crown Victoria P71 (police interceptor) and as my first car I thought it was fast... well one night I ended up racing a friend's brother's '96 Mustang Cobra, lets just say I lost. An idea popped into my head, what if I had that motor in my car.  Well that never came to be for a lack of funds and knowledge but a few years later Mercury came out with a big black car that had a very similar V-8 DOHC motor like that '96 mustang and they stuffed it in a fullsize 4dr sedan, that idea had come true, and I fell in love.



They called it, the MERCURY MARAUDER

  A few years later I was test driving cars for fun with another friend and there on the lot was an '03 Mercury Marauder, and why not, I went for a test drive. Spinning the tires, loving the sound out the back, and maybe even seeing triple digits. Needless to say I was still in love and with some fast talking and a trade in of the current ride (a '97 Chevy Tahoe) I was taking her home.

  From day one it was a blast to drive, quickly tallying up the wins in the stop light racing.  Unsuspecting cars from Mustangs, Camaros, any rice burner with a fart can that I could ended up being at a red light with.

  Eventually the same thing happens to every gear head, they will usually look for the next thing to make the ride go a little faster and a little louder untill we get to the present day.   Currently the car is running a Trilogy Motorsports Eaton M112 supercharger kit that was self installed in March 2012, pumping the power up to 420+ horsepower and 420 ft/lbs of torque.  Other modifications include a JLT cold air intake, an Alternative Automotive Xcal3 tuner (running on 91 pump gas) and a set a Weldcraft widen factory Marauder wheels wrapped in Nitto 295/45/18 tires on the back. Other modifications to the car include factory matching Autometer Boost and Trans temp gauges, along with a Mustang Mach 1 chin spoiler, DDM HID headlights, and polished SS Inserts in the rear bumper.

  The car has seen its share of everything from car shows, to the drag strip, to the auto cross tracks, as well as the local drive in theatre and even the ride from the church to the reception on our wedding day. Plans for the near future include a trip to the dyno, more trips to the drag strip and some more car shows.

Stock  2003 Mercury Marauders Specs :


281 Cubic Inch 4.6 Liter displacement
90 Degree Aluminum Dual Over-Head Cam
(DOHC) 32   valve V-8
10.1:1 Compression Ratio
3.6 In X 3.6 In bore

Rated 302hp / 318tq


4R70W 4 Speed W/overdrive

Axle Ratio:

3:55 : 1


Front - Independant Unequal length control arms, Coil springs, Monotube shocks and 28 MM stabilizer bar
 Rear - Solid rear axle with four-bar link, Watts linkage, Air springs, Monotube shocks, and 21 MM stabilizer bar


  12.4 Inch vented rotors with twin piston calipers
  11.1 Inch vented rotors with single piston calipers


  18 x 8 inch 5 spoke polished alluminum alloy


  When your the DIY kinda guy and the supercharger needs to match the valve covers, you head out to the garage and use several coats of low gloss black, and several more of satin clear. 

  More pictures of the 'Rauder.     (click on the thumbnail to enlarge)


  Some plans for the future include a factory Marauder Spoiler, A Metco +2 lower crank pulley,  a pair of Spintech Super Pro Street mufflers and some CAR Motorsports hood and trunk liners.



   So, if you see a big black sedan up next to you at the stop lights,  you might wana consider if its packing a little extra punch.



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